It has been a while since I have put anything here.. not that I have been idle but it was a hectic last couple of weeks of 2009.. Oh gosh.. I planned to wish you before writing anything but see I missed it again.. Anyways..

 HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2010 (Twenty Ten sound digital 🙂 to all you there. Hope this year it brings real happiness, peace and brings less work than last year ;)..

Last couple of weeks I had been working on multiple things at one time and all of them had a tremendous enrichment in experience as were as diverse as they could be.

  • A High CPU utilization of SQL Server with PageLatch Blocking at a very high load of 10K – 12K batch requests / second. (How irony, I was blogging all about blogging and this was one I had never touched.)

  • A DR plan using replication where if data is deleted in publisher by a specific user, it should be deleted on Subscriber. Had to provide a Proof of concept for that.

  • Integrate SSRS 2008 with SAP BW (Still going on)

  • Plan a DR for Site Redundancy with Custom Log Shipping  as network bandwidth was abysmal and thence had to incorporate Compression in it. BTW, Server was SQL Server 2000 on IA 64 with DB Size around 1.5 TB. (Still going on)

  • And ofcourse Partitioning of a SQL table as it was getting unmanageable. Partitioning has been done but awaiting results of it.

Additionally there were couple of good suggestions about writing below items:

Hi Guru,

Do you know or have any link/example which explains nested/hash/merge joins in a simplified fashion?




Hi Guru,

Hope you are doing great as usual..

The articles on Isolation Levels are really very helpful in SQLFundas. If you get time can you write any article on Access Violation and UMS?

Regards, Sujit

So in total we have around 7 / 8 blogs to write and would want to complete them as early as possible and pending from last year was 100 Tips for SQL Developers about writing better SQL Code.

Lets gets started with first one dealing with PageLatch Blocking….


Update: SQLFundas I have closed due to cash crunch 🙂